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New Food and a Joke

Posted by Amanda on March 3rd, 2008

On Saturday Darryl and I went to Costco, I mean Metro Cash and Carry.  It is just like Costco!!!  We had a babysitter come watch Kathryn and Amelia, and our friend Tom (an embassy person) took us to the store.  You need a card/membership to get in (which Tom has), and you also need a car to get all the food/stuff home (which Tom also has).  So we are very grateful for his assistance!

img_1548-large.jpgWe are trying to actually have some food storage (our food storage is currently in storage).  I am so funny!  In fact, let me write something I said the other day that was really funny.  Darryl was looking on iTunes at the movies you can rent.  He was looking at Westerns.  He said, “Maybe we can watch a Western tonight.”  I looked at the computer screen and saw “The Hunt for Red October” and said, “That must be an Eastern.”  Anyway, we bought lots of food and it feels so good to have it.  We also love that we have a storage closet in our apartment.  Next to the puree (instant mashed potatoes!) in this picture are some jars of peanut butter.  There are different flavors of peanut butter!  One is sweet – very tasty, one is dessert (different than the sweet one), and one is regular.  I like the sweet one, and it is good for baking.  Darryl likes the regular.  All are creamy, no nuts.  I think that’s for the best.  We also bought four folding chairs.  Now we don’t have to use the computer chair and arm chair when we have people over for dinner.