Since we are studying the Book of Mormon in Sunday school this year, murmuring has been mentioned a few times already, refering of course to Laman and Lemuel.

I realized that I murmur/complain just about every Sunday morning when we are leaving for church.  First getting everybody in their tights (except Darryl) and coats and hats, and getting Amelia in the baby bjorn with her snow suit over it.  And carrying the diaper bag, Kathryn’s bag, my church bag, and my shoes if I needed to wear boots to church.  Then walking in the cold carrying everything to and from the metro.  Of course all the packing and leaving comes after making sure I brought enough food for the girls, milk for Amelia, toys, books, etc.  Darryl always calls me a sherpa on the way to church.  I have longed for my 2 door Accord, and to just have to load things from the car to the church.  Of course back home I always wished for a 4 door car…

In the midst of all this murmuring, we found out the stake was moving us to a different building for church.  Last Sunday was our first week there.  It is technically a shorter distance from our apartment, but for pretty much everyone else in the branch, it is much further, so that kind of riles me up because it doesn’t seem to make sense.  We take a bus instead of the metro, and I believe it takes the same amount of time.  I’m not sure, because we got a little lost on Sunday.  Also, the new building has no foyer area to sit with/feed a baby, no microwave to warm their milk, no fridge (I never used the fridge in the other building, but I thought I’d throw that in), and no carpet.  Only a very slippery floor on which Amelia couldn’t even walk.

Sometimes it just really gets me riled up.  There are so many things to do or to remember that I feel like I don’t have a chance to actually think about where we are going and why.  So when we had Sunday School lessons on murmuring, I realized I was doing it.  So now I am trying (trying is the key wordand will try harder) to not murmur.  It is so easy to see the broader perspective of why Laman and Lemuel shouldn’t murmur.  It is much harder to see that perspective for myself.  I also realize that there are plenty of people all over the world that travel this way, and this distance (or much further) to go to church. 

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This was very insightful–at least you recognized what was going on. It’s kind of like patience, though–takes a lifetime to overcome. And perspective is ALWAYS good! Here is an excellent talk that helped me understand more about murmuring:,5232,23-1-225-32,00.html

What a great insight on murmuring and how we must learn from others who we read about in the Book of Mormon.
Thanks for sharing that with us.

Oh that’s good insight. Things I don’t think about all the time, but are definately things that should be thought about. It’s funny Amanda, I’ve always considered you one of the most positive people I know – so I had to laugh a bit as I read this. My dear friend Amanda, a murmurer? NEVER!

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