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Daddy’s Little Girl

Posted by Amanda on March 16th, 2008


Amelia loves Daddy!  When she is excited she says, “Dada!”  She runs (yes, she is practically running now) to greet him when he comes home from work with her arms wide open for a hug.  When I get her out of the crib in the morning, she says, “Dada!”  I’m not sure if she thinks that also means “mama” – (I have heard her say mama, but it is when she is in distress, or really wants me, not squealing with delight the way she says “dada”).  One of Amelia’s other “words” is “baba”, which she whispers and we’re not sure what she means by it.  However, “baba” does mean dad in Mandarin.

The other night she woke up and I got up to give her some milk.  Darryl also got up to go to the bathroom.  When Amelia saw Darryl, she was so excited she reached for him and only let “dada” feed her the bottle.  This is what happens every morning when she sees Daddy get up. 

I don’t feel bad.  I think it is adorable.  Plus, Kathryn has only wanted me lately!

The first picture is one morning when Kathryn put bibs on everyone – I’m wearing one too, but of course you can’t see it.  Those baby bibs are a tight fit around an adult neck!