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Posted by Darryl Melanchuk on March 20th, 2008

  I thought I would provide updates on a few things.

Amelia pulling the plug I am ironing regularly, and its not too bad.  I have to say I don’t mind it that much, just the sleeves!  The only hard thing is if Amelia is awake, because the ironing board is in our bedroom which is not really a play area.  Amelia goes straight for the alarm clock cord, unplugs it, and then carries it around – dragging the clock of course.  Sometimes she gets tangled up in it.  Amelia also likes to search through drawers that have all sorts of things a baby should not put in her mouth.

Potty training - Kathryn is doing very well, in my opinion.  She usually needs me to make her go to the potty, but she’s only had a couple accidents in the past couple of weeks.  I have nothing to compare to, except my own former dread.  Of  course she wears a diaper for naptime and nighttime, so we still have a long ways to go.  But we have less dirty diapers and our wipes are lasting much longer already.

I am still a winter wimp .  I met a girl at the park yesterday (who had lived in the States for several years) who said this was the warmest winter in a very long time.  Some days it looks a little like spring outside, but it doesn’t feel like it to me.  Its the wind.  I don’t like it and neither does Amelia.  Well, now it actually started snowing, so we went outside to catch some snowflakes to eat.  They were enormous flakes!

Kathryn - 1st day of spring our view - first day of springAmelia - 1st day of spring plombir

Our door was taken away from the hallway one day. 

Luckily we haven’t had any more raisin ice cream .  Darryl’s missionary favorite, plombir, is a definite winner.  Plus, the plastic containers double as tupperware for our leftovers.