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Amelia in Pictures

Posted by Amanda on April 23rd, 2008

Amelia is really showing her personality. I don’t have a picture of her being whiny and stomping her feet when she doesn’t get what she wants. What will she be like when she’s 2?!

She has grown so big, this is what happened to her pajamas.

She runs around chasing Kathryn and me when we play what Kathryn calls “our favorite tickle game”. Her tongue is always sticking out. Doesn’t that mean she’ll be a great athlete someday?

Our highchair here doesn’t have any kind of buckle. So Amelia always stands up and it makes me very nervous. We try to use a belt to buckle her in. She loves to play her piano.

My favorite cute thing that Amelia does is getting ready to leave. She gets her coat and brings it to you and sticks her arms out to help get it on. (She does this all the time, not just when we are actually leaving.) One day she also got her hat and tried to put it on around her neck. Sometimes she does this when Darryl is leaving for work, and she even walked outside once. She also loves putting scarves around her neck. I don’t have a picture, but she does a similar thing with books. She will get a book and bring it to you and start panting until you take the book, put her on your lap, and read it to her. She loves books.
















Conference Report

Posted by Amanda on April 20th, 2008

Success (pronounced Sook-chess which is the Romanian pronunciation)! I would say that today was a success, in that I didn’t get angry or lose my sanity. Since it was Stake Conference, it was held in an auditorium that we’d only been to once. We got lost on the way and were pretty frustrated but we had left an hour and a half early, so we did make it there a little early. One additional issue is that the conference is in Russian or Ukrainian (depending on the speaker), and we wear a headset to hear the translation. To be honest, I actually only heard about 10 minutes of the speakers. That’s mainly because I was out with Amelia for about an hour in a room just outside, but you can’t hear anything and the English translation headset only worked inside the auditorium. I was able to go to the Saturday night adult session while Darryl stayed home with the girls, so that was wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions for ideas to do with kids during church. Marz, I didn’t have a chance to do the picture book thing, but I do want to try it. During the week I tried to get ready. I made some tacky looking lacing cards with cardboard, scrapbook paper, and a shoelace. I also sewed some large buttons on a cut up shirt (that we were going to give away) for Kathryn to practice buttoning. And I made some “workbook pages”, drawing shapes and a few letters for Kathryn to trace. I had no idea if she would like or be able to do any of these things, but I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, I felt good that I was putting forth some kind of effort. I got her a special treat of gummy bears besides her regular snack, too.

Here is how Kathryn looked before we left for church. She LOVES going to church, and it helps me be in a

better mood that she is so excited. She is usually trying to open the door while I’m still getting my coat on. We got this coat and hat for her from a family in our branch. I think it is the cutest thing ever.

The workbook pages and the tracing cards were a hit! While I was out with Amelia, Darryl said Kathryn loved tracing the shapes and letters and was very good at it. She did all the pages twice that I had made (just 4 or 5 little pages). Amelia conveniently fell asleep in Darryl’s arms (which hasn’t happened in ages) so I got to take care of Kathryn the second hour. We did the lacing cards a few times and took a couple trips to the potty. I think she just wanted to go up and down the 2 flights of stairs on the way to the potty. At that point I couldn’t blame her, because it was already longer than a regular Sacrament Meeting.

Of course in July, we’ll be having 5 consecutive stake conferences on the plane ride home. :)

Another Tag

Posted by Amanda on April 16th, 2008

Now my sister-in-law Andrea tagged me.

What I was doing 10 years ago:  I had just been in my first area of my mission for 1 month – Sibiu, Romania.  I was struggling to learn the language and having all sorts of adventures.  It was probably Easter time and I got sprayed with perfume (a Romanian Easter tradition).

5 Things on my to do list: Buy milk, clean the bathtub, read a conference talk, make things for Kathryn to play with at church, study Russian (always on the list but rarely happens)

3 Bad Habits:  Biting fingernails, getting the toothpaste tube dirty, overreacting

Places I’ve lived:  Sacramento and Folsom, CA; Provo, UT; Romania; China; Seattle, WA; Ukraine

What would I do if I became a millionaire:  I’m really not sure.  Maybe have the Maid Brigade come once a month.  We did that before we moved to Ukraine because we just didn’t have enough time to do a thorough cleaning with the traveling and packing (and it could count as a rental expense).  Probably save a lot for future travel and missions after buying a house.  Buy a new wardrobe.  I know that sounds superficial, but I have been noticing lately that most of my clothes don’t fit properly since they were purchased (long) before I had babies and I am just not the same.  Or they are hand me downs from old roommates.  Buy a treadmill.  Okay, that’s enough fantacizing, and there probably wouldn’t be that much left after the house if we bought it in Seattle.

Jobs I’ve had:  paper route, Mr. Sibs hotdog and yogurt place at the Folsom Outlets, Forest Deli, early morning custodian in the Benson Building at BYU, 99 cent store, meta information services, I can’t remember the name of it, but something at BYU that had to do with accounting and it was the summer before my mission, BYU internal audit department (different than the one I just mentioned – this one was post mission), Accounting Jr. core grader, PwC tax associate (wow, that’s a lot of jobs.)

Things you may not know about me:

I did dye my hair to try and cover my gray hair, and it did turn orange.  I wouldn’t let Darryl take a picture and the next day we got some different dye to try to get it back to normal.  It’s almost normal.

 When I was young I wanted to be a writer or a scientist.  Ha!

I don’t like chunks of fruit in yogurt (okay, I’m sure some people knew that).

I tag Bobbi, Molly, and Karen.

Water Museum

Posted by Amanda on April 13th, 2008

I had heard from several people about the Water Museum in Kyiv. It sounded like a place Kathryn might enjoy, so I arranged to go there with a Ukrainian sister from our branch.  Besides showing me where the museum was and helping with language barriers, she helped with the girls a lot. I was so hot, tired, and sweaty when we got home. Two girls and a stroller on the metro, and stairs is not ideal. I thought, if I only had one child this would be so much easier. But the next day I took Kathryn to enrichment with me and we had a “pee-pee’s coming” experience half way home on the metro which resulted in me carrying Kathryn and running a lot and I was much hotter, tireder, and sweatier than the previous day with 2 girls. Anyway…

At the Water Museum we were able to get a guide that spoke English and seeing that we had Kathryn and Amelia, she asked if we would like to just go to the kid area instead of the 40 minute tour. I said a resounding “yes!”.

So we spent the better part of an hour feeding/looking at/touching fish, and playing with bubbles. Kathryn had a splendid time. I had been telling her for a few days that we were going to a “special place”, so it was cute to hear her talk about the “special place”. Amelia was clingy because she was missing a nap, but some cheerios cheered her up towards the end.

I had been told about the largest toilet in Ukraine (or maybe the world, I’m not sure), so I was expecting something much larger than this: