Usually a trip for President Bush wouldn’t interest me all that much, but since he visited Kyiv and we live here, it was a little more exciting.  I don’t know or understand everything, but I am trying to keep up a little on what is going on here.  President Bush arrived on Monday night, and there was a demonstration all day Monday very near Darryl’s office.  In fact, they marched from the square up the street where his office is, so we have some pictures.  These are the people against Ukraine joining NATO – mostly old people and a few young students, Darryl said.  People from the Communist party and the Nationalist party.

 Click here to see some pictures of the actual visit, courtesy of a friend’s website.

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My goodness, so these people must not like President Bush very much.

Hmmm…very interesting Amanda. My naive gut impression is to say “Oh those red flags are so beautiful” – then I read the entry about protesting President Bush and I’m back at “Oh very typically Europe.” :) I completely understand: I don’t keep track of where President Bush flies, but would probably go into hog-heaven if I knew he was coming to my area (because unlike most people – I actually like our President). Interesting post – hope you’re gearing up for your Ukranian Easter here soon! :)

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