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Botanical Garden

Posted by Amanda on May 8th, 2008

Last week when there were some holidays, two senior missionary couples invited us to go to the Botanical Garden with them.  Elder Lackey bought the girls each a pinwheel, and they are now Kathryn’s favorite toys (besides the computer, of course).  I’ve seen her sleeping with them in her arms.

We had a great time, except for me chasing Amelia around on the asphalt.  She was trying to run down steep hills, which really scared me.  She did end up falling once, and also fell in some mud (luckily on our way out).  Darryl also joined Elder Lackey dressing up in some costumes they had for pictures.

The above pictures are of the magnolias.  We kept hearing about them, and they were indeed beautiful.  One thing we have noticed in Ukraine is that people always do a model pose when they get their picture taken.  Darryl tried to capture this woman doing that in front of the magnolias.


Posted by Amanda on May 8th, 2008

A couple of things are bugging me, so I thought maybe I could get over them if I write them down.

First of all, the heat was turned off on April 15th.  Since then there have been many nice days, but also some cold days, and cold nights.  Poor Amelia has been cold all winter (we think) in her room and this was worse.  We finally bought a heater for her room.  It is nice to have free heat, but I do wish we could choose when and how much heat we had.  We do have some sort of heaters in our place (which we used only a couple times during the winter because the other heat was so warm), but they are built into the family room and our bedroom.  The heaters were also a nice place to dry clothes quickly (opposed to on the balcony which takes 1-2 days).  That’s really not a big deal anymore.  I’m just grateful to have a washing machine.

The grocery store where I shop suddenly doesn’t have our milk.  It is driving me crazy.  It comes in 1 liter boxes, so I buy several a week, and I have been trying to build up a storage since you can store them outside the fridge before opening them.  But then I go and there is no milk (of that kind, which is .5%).  So I go a couple days later, no milk.  A couple more days and there are like 2 boxes.  I have resulted to buying 2.5%, which sounds so gross to me, but Kathryn and Darryl both like it.  However, on Monday there were only 2 boxes of 2.5%.  What is with the stocking of these stores?  I also have an issue with the grocery carts, but since I’ve been shopping with the girls lately (in the stroller), I haven’t needed a cart.  They are rarely available for customer use, but I see them everywhere in the store full of bread, or other products.  Not only are they taking a valuable cart out of circulation, they are making it much harder to maneuver my large stroller around the store.

I miss grass.  I know we didn’t have a yard in Seattle, but we did have Carkeek Park (and lots of other parks).  You see grass here, but it is where dogs and small children do their business, so it is not really where I want to be having a picnic with my girls.  Except at the botanical garden, which we went to last week.  It was beautiful and I will be posting about it soon.

Okay, that’s it for now.  When I think about it, I feel really silly that these things bother me.  I don’t like when people feel entitled to things, and that is kind of what I am doing.  So I’ll just try to appreciate these things more when I go home.