Last week when there were some holidays, two senior missionary couples invited us to go to the Botanical Garden with them.  Elder Lackey bought the girls each a pinwheel, and they are now Kathryn’s favorite toys (besides the computer, of course).  I’ve seen her sleeping with them in her arms.

We had a great time, except for me chasing Amelia around on the asphalt.  She was trying to run down steep hills, which really scared me.  She did end up falling once, and also fell in some mud (luckily on our way out).  Darryl also joined Elder Lackey dressing up in some costumes they had for pictures.

The above pictures are of the magnolias.  We kept hearing about them, and they were indeed beautiful.  One thing we have noticed in Ukraine is that people always do a model pose when they get their picture taken.  Darryl tried to capture this woman doing that in front of the magnolias.

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Wow! What a beautiful place. All we have so far are dandelions. What are the costumes for?

those pictures are really nice of you guys and of the flowers.

Beautiful, beautiful! I’m loving the Magnolia trees. I didn’t really notice them until this year, and I think they are one of the most gorgeous plants in existence. It’s almost like a tulip-tree! :)

What a beautiful spot! I love that bottom photo looking out over the city! Those bells look interesting too!

Happy Victory Day! Are there any big May 9 celebrations in Ukraine? I remember 10 years ago there was a huge festival in Volzhky with a parade by the eternal flame. We then went into Volgograd (zone conference?) and there was the biggest party I’ve ever seen on the bank of the river. We had to leave that one really quickly.

Yes, it was Victory Day yesterday. Stay tuned for a post on the events of the day.

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