Amelia turned one year old on May 16th!  We had a little party that evening, which Kathryn helped me plan.  We invited Katya and 3 of the ILP teachers that have been here to babysit the girls several times.  First, Kathryn helped me make the cake/cupcakes.

Amelia was able to open part of the first present before Kathryn helped.

We all wore “princess headbands”.  Amelia got a baby and a stroller. 

Katya made Amelia a beautiful card and gave her some traditional slippers.  Katya also told us of a tradition that Ukrainians do for a child’s first birthday.  You put several items on the floor and let the child choose one.  That item represents what he or she will tend toward when they are older.  We put a dress, doll, ball, pen, book, money, and keys.  If its the pen, they will be a writer, etc.  Amelia looked around a bit and then chose the doll!

 We ate some homemade pizza and then had cake and ice cream before it was Amelia’s bedtime.

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happy birthday to her. my goodness she has grown.

Is that cake decorated with Cheerios? I’m surprised they have those in Ukraine. I’ve seen the 1-year old game played by Armenians in Rostov, so maybe it’s an Eastern Bloc thing.

Happy Birthday to a very wise & very grown up little 1 year old. Love your chocolate face!!

There are honey-nut cheerios here, but I haven’t seen regular. We do buy them. Those on the cake are a cheerio-like cereal. They also come in star shapes that look like veggie-puffs.

That look on her face in the fourth picture down with the doll is precious! She does love that tongue of hers, doesn’t she? :) Adorable.
Looks like a lot of fun: Happy Birthday to Amelia!

Belated happy birthday to Amelia. It looks like a good time was had by all. What does the fact that she picked a doll mean for her future? That she will be a mom? A teacher?

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