We celebrated Victory Day here on May 9th.  If I have my facts correct, Victory Day commemorates the victory of World War II.  It is interesting to me, because I always first think of WWII from the perspective of the United States, against Hitler and Japan.  But it was truly a world war, and millions of Russian lives were lost fighting Germany.  In Russia, this is a huge holiday.  In Ukraine it is a little more interesting, as someone pointed out to us.  Many Ukrainians were fighting with the Russians (against Germany), but many others were siding with the Germans, against Russia. 

It was still a holiday, though, and Darryl only worked part of the day.  Kathryn, Amelia, and I took the metro downtown to meet him in the late afternoon and to enjoy the holiday atmosphere.  There were tons of people outside in Independence Square, and along one of the main streets, Khreshatik.  It was closed to traffic, so after a visit to Darryl’s office we strolled down the street on our way to T.G.I.Fridays for dinner.  Yes!  They have a T.G.I.Friday’s here!  I had never been, so it was really great for me. 

Kathryn was really looking forward to seeing Daddy’s work.  What could he possibly do all day long, she probably wonders. 


There were lots of things going on outside.  We stopped to listen to some music, and Darryl took a picture of these two Ukrainian girls.  No sitting on the ground, just squatting.  Amelia liked this little dog toy, which several vendors had along the street.  This last picture is the crowd she drew.  No joke, there was no one around until Amelia started playing with the puppy, then all of a sudden a crowd was watching and I saw a couple people even taking a picture of her!

After dinner we walked back to the metro, and Kathryn had fun looking at a fountain.  We even got our first ice cream cones.

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I can’t believe the huge crowd Amelia drew. That is too adorable!

What a fun day! I love the picture of Kathryn sitting at Darryl’s desk! She looks official!

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