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Expecting the Unexpected

Posted by Amanda on June 20th, 2008

Of course, you can never really expect something unexpected, or it wouldn’t be unexpected.  Except in my case, where I am currently expecting something unexpected–a baby next January!  Our “plan” was to not have a baby until we moved back to the States.  It just made more sense to not deal with medical things in a foreign country, not to mention trying to tote around a third child without a car and making a 14 hour plane ride with 3 kids. 

It has been an interesting few weeks.  At first we just couldn’t believe it.  How did that happen?  I mean, we KNOW how it happened…  we just weren’t ready.  The last 2 times when I got pregnant I was so excited and totally ready for the experience (well, as ready as you can be).  But, I have to admit it has been a little difficult to get excited about this baby.  I feel like I am barely surviving just taking care of the two kids I already have.

It has made Darryl’s late working hours that much harder.  The up side is that he hasn’t needed the dinners that I haven’t been cooking the last few weeks.  Amelia has no idea what is going on, of course.  Kathryn has been a real sport playing quietly while I rest during Amelia’s nap.  It breaks my heart when she says, “Mommy, please come dance with me” and I just can’t get myself up off the couch because I’m either sick or tired or both. 

I made an appointment with a doctor at the American Medical Center.  She probably doesn’t know, but she was an angel for me!  She is a total Ukrainian babushka (grandma), named Lyudmila.  She just talked to me for awhile, asking about my previous pregnancies.  Mostly she told me what a special time this is and how I am so special that this baby chose me for his/her mother.  I almost started crying right there in her office. 

She listened for the heartbeat and when she couldn’t hear it, took me for an ultrasound (not a big deal, same thing happened at my first appointment with Amelia because it was pretty early).  It is such a miracle to see a little baby on that screen!  I almost didn’t think there would be anything there, but then we saw 2 hands, a head, body, and feet.  Truly amazing!  I got so excited when I saw the baby.

So we’ll have a little more (or different) adventure here in Ukraine than we may have planned.  Perhaps less traveling.  But we didn’t come here just to travel.  We came here to live our life, and this baby is part of our life.


Music Lovers

Posted by Amanda on June 19th, 2008

I love that my girls love music.  I’m pretty sure all kids love music.  Kathryn can navigate our iTunes better than I can, and she has music going most of the day.  When Amelia hears a song, especially one she recognizes, she immediately starts dancing.  Kathryn loves to dance, sing, jump, etc to the music. 

I am especially happy that Kathryn (Amelia doesn’t really have control over song choice yet) enjoys a variety of music.  Among the top ten most played songs on our iTunes and songs Kathryn finds and plays regularly are:

Super Trouper (Abba)

O, How Lovely was the Morning (Music for a Sunday Afternoon)

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)

The Lonely Goatherd (Sound of Music)

Fuzzy Wuzzy (Countdown Kids)


Father’s Day

Posted by Amanda on June 16th, 2008

We went on a walk yesterday afternoon, after our super meal of Thai-curry-peanut butter chicken that Darryl came up with.  I really love that he loves to cook, and even wanted to make his own Father’s Day meal!  Darryl is sporting the new shirt we gave him for Father’s Day.  Kathryn couldn’t resist telling him what it was before he unwrapped the present.  I guess that’s better than actually unwrapping the potato chips that we also gave him!  I think it is so cute Darryl holding hands with Kathryn and Amelia.  It was beautiful outside, and the girls had a fabulous time. 

Here is to prove I was there, too.  And I just had to take a picture of this babushka sitting on the bench. 

On Saturday we did a little celebrating, too.  Some ILP girls came to babysit and Darryl and I went shopping at a huge mall near where we live.  Mostly we were looking for little things to keep the girls busy on the airplane.  But we also had lunch at a Japanese/sushi restaurant there.  Darryl goes out to eat for work things quite a bit, but it was a real treat for me to go out!  I kept saying how wonderful it was.  I thought the food was delicious.  The only thing I would have changed is a little ice in my drink!

It’s Summer

Posted by Amanda on June 11th, 2008

My last post was going to be about summer, but then it wasn’t and the title still said summer.  Just apologizing to anyone who was confused.  We have been having gorgeous weather lately.  Sunny, in the 70′s or 80′s.  One thing I am not missing about Seattle is that summer does not start until July.  Its true!  Every June I get so frustrated, and then come 4th of July, Summer has finally begun.  Anyway, we told Kathryn it’s summer, and she sure was excited.  Today the girls and I went swimming in the bathtub.  It was mainly a chance to try on our swimsuits. 

One thing I remember as a kid in summer is having a foot bath!  I loved those!  We’d get to sit on the bathroom counter and put our feet in the sink to clean them.  Well, on Monday Kathryn definitely needed a foot bath and she loved it.

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