I was inspired by my sister’s blog post to write something.  

Daniel is going to afternoon preschool.  I love it!  I am actually debating doing afternoon kindergarten with him next year.  We are having an insurance situation, so our nurse hours are cut way down – one day a week instead of five.  That means I get to take Nathaniel when I drop Daniel off at preschool.  But getting three boys out of the house by a certain time can be difficult.  On Tuesday I had gotten everything ready for Nathaniel – suction machine, his milk in the feeding pump and connected to him, emergency supplies that we are supposed to have near him at all times.  I make it out to the van with everything, at the appointed time to leave.  I had already sent Michael and Daniel outside with their shoes on to play before we left.  Of course they turned on the hose and Michael was so wet and muddy we had to change his clothes, and Daniel remembered he needed to go to the bathroom.  So much for being on time.



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