I made Kathryn and Amelia grow their hair long. I had long hair until I was 16 and loved it. I love their long hair. I thought they would love it, too.

Amelia has at least four teeth in a row missing on the top. It is so cute! I just love her smile and hope it stays as long as possible. Amelia played her second year of soccer this Fall. Her coach always had her play defense and always had her do the goal kicks. The girls would line up right on the line and then Amelia would (usually) kick it over their heads past everybody. All the parents would say “wow!”. Then I repented of my pride.


Kathryn has finally stopped asking if she has to do “twinkles” (variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) at her piano practice everyday. She just does them! Her piano books often have duets for the teacher and student to play. So I play the duet with her when she practices. Sometimes we play a song and afterwards Kathryn is so excited she gives me a big hug! That’s pretty much my favorite moment!


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I just love reading about your girls and boys! What a great family and fun Mom you are!

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