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Christmas Tradition

Posted by Darryl Melanchuk on January 5th, 2014

My mom always took a picture of each of us in front of the Christmas tree the Sunday before Christmas. I can’t not do this!

Darryl and me! Its our 10th Christmas in love!


Kathryn – she wore this dress that was once mine. She even let me braid her hair so she looks even more like mini me!


Amelia – wearing her favorite color!


Daniel – looking so handsome and really growing up!


Michael – such a character! We had to do several takes and I couldn’t resist posting a few. Someone should have gotten a bigger shirt and vest for Christmas!





And Nathaniel – loves grabbing onto his foot!


Not in front of the Christmas tree, but I had to mention that Darryl cooked a duck for Christmas dinner (we also had ham). I have come to realize that I love duck! I think it started when I was in China in 2002. So when Darryl came home from the store with a duck I was excited. Darryl did an excellent job and it tasted delicious. I think a new tradition is born…