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Kids Go to Work

Posted by Darryl Melanchuk on April 24th, 2014

Today was “Take Your Child to Work Day” at Darryl’s office. It worked out nicely, since our kids are on spring break. So I sent Kathryn, Amelia, and Daniel off to work this morning. They were super excited.


The organizers had requested a photo of each child, and made them each a KPMG badge key card thing (although it didn’t unlock doors). They looked official! Activities included a tour of the building, delivering mail, games, and drawing on the white board wall! Plus a pizza lunch with their parent. There were 17 kids that participated.




They came home with a bag full of KPMG goodies and quite a bit of candy. Pretty good recruiters! Later in the afternoon I found all three of them had made the girls room into an office. Each had their own space and was working hard. I could barely convince them to come down to dinner!

Kathryn kpmg1

Amelia kpmg

daniel kpmg