A few random things from our Spring Break.



Climbing at the park. I was so nervous about the kids climbing up these rocks, which are at a park near our home. With all of Nathaniel’s dr appointments and Darryl’s broken neck last year, I really, really want to avoid hospitals and extra dr appointments!




Not sure if this was during spring break, but Darryl built a planter box so we can have a garden! This picture is from Lowe’s.


I love how Daniel and Darryl are matching, and both are loving a trip to Lowe’s.


Our family finished reading the Book of Mormon!


Spring break entertainment.


My three sons.


Other highlights included eating breakfast at McDonalds and playing at the play place. Gold Bug Mine and Park, blogged about here by my mom. Playing at Grandma and Grandpas house while I took Nathaniel to an appointment. Playing at cousins house while I took Nathaniel to an appointment. Kids go to work with dad, on the previous blog post. We were supposed to have a mystery outing (Darryl and I plan an outing and don’t tell the kids were we are going, but give clues along the way), but Darryl just couldn’t get work off so it is postponed for now.

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