A big move across the country seemed like a good time to blog again.

I still can’t believe we moved from California all the way to Florida! We truly loved our time in California. We are already loving it here on the ranch.

Things we have loved already:
So much green!
view from the front of our house.


Friendly people!

Living across the street from the church building!

Animals! Okay, this is a love/not so love thing. I won’t say “hate” because that is too strong. Its fun to see a horse basically in our backyard almost everyday. Not sure whose it is. Its fun to see lots of cows. This is taken from our screened patio.


The first day the kids seriously “mooed” for 10 minutes. Darryl had to tell them to stop. Its fun to see lots of kinds of birds (we started liking birds in EDH). Its kind of fun to think about alligators, but not so fun to hear they do get into the swimming hole (small ones, they say). Big bugs are not so fun, either. I am kind of wimpy in the bug department.



Our house! Our house is actually quite a big smaller than our last house. We lost a guest bedroom, most of a living room (still have one but very small), and the other bedrooms are smaller. The girls beds would only fit right together like this in their room (because it has 2 closets!). They love it.


But there are a lot of things to love. I love the layout, and that it is one story. Everything is close! No running upstairs to the other end of the house to get something. The laundry room is actually bigger than our last one. Super love. The family room is just as large, too. And whoever designed this house had big families and storage in mind. Lots of storage. A closet off the garage that has a vent from the house, so it is cooled. Hello, food storage! A large pantry, and another large closet next to the laundry room, a closet by the bedrooms, and a closet in the master bathroom (besides the master bedroom walk in closet). And a little room off the family room that can be a closet or for us, might be a small art room. And another happy thought: shelves in (most of) the closets! Not to love about the house – no garbage disposal. Maybe I’m spoiled, but that seems like it should be standard. But, we lived without it in Kyiv, and Darryl said he could put one in.

Senior missionaries! There are 5 couples here on missions doing things at the ranch, such as an electrician, plumber, etc. I met some at church on Sunday, but I know from past experience that senior missionaries are awesome!

School uniforms! At first I was surprised and not sure what to do. But now I realize it will be nice to have a few school clothes and then some play clothes. And the kids will look so nice going to school! Here is Kathryn modeling.


Plus, they have once a week they can wear school spirit shirts, and jeans count as blue pants/shorts.

The Beach! One night we had dinner in Melbourne, the closest town to the east. We realized the Atlantic Ocean was just 15 minutes away and drove to see. We found a park/beach and checked it out. So beautiful, and such beautiful, soft sand. Warm water.



Don’t worry, not everything is perfect. If I get around to it I will post about registering for school. How do they expect people to have a current utility bill when they have lived in the place for 3 days?!

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