One thing we are now much more aware of is fire ants. There are all sorts of bugs and yucky things around here. Darryl is documenting them all with his camera. One that we have all had experience with already is fire ants. Now ants are just gross. I hate ants. Have never liked an ant. We had a lot of ants in EDH, even came home from a family reunion one year and found our house invaded by ants. But fire ants are a different story. They bite/sting and it hurts.

In walking around in sandals (I just hate socks, don’t you, especially in the summer), we have all felt a little sting and looked down to see an ant and brush it off. It turns into something like a pimple. Red bump with pus inside. Small. Not too big a deal if you just have one. But not comfortable. Last Friday Darryl found this video for us to watch:

Just like the video says, you may not realize it is a fire ant hill, because it just looks like sand or dirt.


Lot of sand around here, folks. So yesterday we were putting together our shed in the backyard. I was getting a wall for Darryl, not looking where I was stepping because I was working on the shed, and I stepped into a fire ant hill. I was wearing close-toed shoes, but no socks. I felt a sting and look down to see about 30 fire ants on my foot and leg. Aaahh!!! I was screaming and jumping and Darryl was brave enough to try to brush them off of me. Ew!!! And ouch!! I got at least 10 bites.
I hesitate to put a picture of my foot on here, its not very glamorous, but this is for educational purposes.


Inside the girls told me their friend’s mom had sprayed windex on fire ant bites, so I did that. And I do think it made a difference. Many of the bites have not filled with pus, and the pain went away. So glad I have a Costco sized re-fill container of windex!

Daniel and Darryl have also had incidents of getting multiple bites.
This is after we put the fire ant killer on it. Tons were killed, but there are still tons, so we will just have to watch our step.


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