I recently asked everyone what is their favorite thing about living in Florida so far.

Nathaniel – I think his favorite thing is the bus – watching the bus pick up kids in the morning, and waiting for it to come in the afternoon.


Michael – He likes the swimming hole.


Daniel – He likes that we live so close to things like the beach (45 min), the church building (across the street), and Disneyworld (probably 45 min, but we haven’t been).


Amelia – She likes how much space there is between houses, and the animals that come right up to our yard. A neighbor’s 2 horses are often seen just behind our backyard, and the kids have been able to pet them and feed them some carrots.


Kathryn – Her favorite things are the swimming hole, the school, and the horses.



Our incredibly nice neighbor a few houses down brought his horse one evening and let everyone who wanted go for a ride in our front yard.

Darryl – His favorite thing is that we are so close to so many animals, including cows, horses, deer, many kinds of birds, etc.




Amanda – My favorite thing is all the green that I see, just looking out the windows.



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