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1st Soccer Season

Posted by Amanda on November 18th, 2012

We just finished our first soccer season.  Kathryn and Amelia both played for the first time.  I have to admit I might have had more fun than the girls.  It brought back so many memories of when I played soccer.  We got very lucky – both girls had practice at the same time at the same place (their school).

Kathryn was on the Breeze.  About half of the girls had played before and some of the girls really knew what they were doing.  Kathryn learned a lot and had a great time.  She was #10 – Darryl’s old volleyball number.


Kathryn enjoyed making new friends, many from her school.


The snacks at the end of the game are also a big attraction, of course.  But the new thing, to me, was “the tunnel”.  I don’t know when this started (because it we didn’t do it when I was a kid), but it was obviously a tradition from years past.  At the end of the game, all the parents make a tunnel for the kids to run through.  Every team did this.  And win or lose, all the girls were so excited running through that tunnel!  It was truly a highlight!



I think this is Kathryn’s true love, though:


Amelia was on the Fireflies.  She had a ton of fun.  Sometimes too much fun as we would see her giggling with a teammate and their backs to the approaching soccer ball.  You can see how much fun she had, and also see the big hole where she lost 3 bottom teeth.


This is what 5 year old soccer looks like:


Her coach started playing her as defender and pretty much kept her there.  She did a great job!  Amelia was #2 – a nice even number!


Both coaches were so nice and patient with the girls.  They were only concerned that the girls had fun and learned something.  We noticed some opposing coaches of teams yelling a lot and focusing only on winning, so we feel lucky.


We also found a few cute spectators.



And just for fun, here are some soccer pictures of me.  My first 2  years, 1984 and 1985.  Go Pacers!

soccer 1984


Me and the Boys

Posted by Amanda on September 3rd, 2012

Now that Kathryn and Amelia are both in school (if getting out at 11:10am counts), it is just me and the boys at home.

We’re having a lot of fun.

Daniel once counted all the stuffies and blankets, then he climbed on top.  (The stuffies are in the toy chest.)  In case anyone isn’t familiar with the term “stuffy”, it means stuffed animal.  We heard it about a year and a half ago from some friends and loved it, so we adopted the term.

I don’t even have to assign them jobs.  The boys just follow me around asking to help.  Michael loves cleaning toilets.

Daniel wanted to try on his winter pajamas (on an almost 100 degree day).  He added his hat (touque) and mittens.  I thought he looked like an elf in this picture.

Thoughts on Moving

Posted by Amanda on April 22nd, 2012

I want to get down some of my thoughts on our move.  I know its been 8 months, but daily life is busy and I’ve been accumulating thoughts.  I am glad the kids keep me busy, it has kept me from missing Seattle too much.

I miss walking to QFC – a grocery store a couple blocks from our townhouse in Seattle.  I walked there so many times.  We walked there while I was in labor with Kathryn.  Many times to pick up just a couple of things for dinner.

I miss living close to downtown, easily picking up Darryl from work if I needed to.  I miss knowing downtown.

I miss living close to DI and Goodwill and Value Village.  I miss living close to everything.

I miss the joy everyone has in a sunny day.  I don’t really miss the rain – we seemed to get plenty here.

I miss being close to the temple where Darryl and I were sealed.  I miss the Seattle temple.  I liked the 6am or 6:30am session on Saturdays.  The Sacramento temple does not have a session until 7am.  I know that is totally lame to feel that, but its true.

I miss our townhouse.  I loved that house – it was our first home, and we bought it just 4 months after we got married.  We had so many adventures while we lived there.

I love our new house here.  I love the large family and living rooms.  I LOVE the yard (although this city girl is getting a little nervous of the snakes and mice – lizards seem okay).  We ate dinner in the backyard the past two nights.

I love parking in the garage, and loading groceries only from the garage into the house.

I love that we lived really close to my sister for almost 5 months.  And that my kids live close to some cousins.

I love living in a cul-de-sac and not on a busy street corner.  And every house on the court has families.

I love living near my parents!  We had them over for dinner last night spontaneously.  They help out much more than I realized.

But change is hard, even if I actually do like moving and living in different places and new experiences.


Easter Concert

Posted by Amanda on April 8th, 2012

I was able to play my viola in an Easter concert this past Friday and Saturday.  Our stake hosted an interfaith concert with a large choir and full orchestra.  I have been itching to play in an orchestra for several months.  I really miss playing in part of something wonderful and big.  It has been quite awhile, so when I heard about this concert I was eager to join.  But when I saw the music and tried playing it I was discouraged.  I had not hardly played my viola in years.  Except for musical numbers at church 2 or 3 times a year.  The music wasn’t that difficult;  I am just out of practice.  But I started practicing in the evenings after the kids went to bed.  Darryl was able to be home Thursday nights for me to be at rehearsals during the month of March.  It is so satisfying to be a part of great music.

Sorry there are two of the same picture – still trying to figure out the new format for pictures.

My viola looks so big in this picture!  Which reminds me, did I ever blog about how we got this viola?  I need to check on that.  It was quite the Ukrainian adventure.