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Posted by Amanda on March 10th, 2012

Darryl got me a gift  - a bread machine.  He came home from work early to make sure he was here when the package arrived.  As soon as it came he asked me to open it.  It was time for me to be preparing dinner and I had to leave for the evening right after dinner and wasn’t ready.  I figured I would just learn about it and use it the following day.  I didn’t have time then, right?  But Darryl was too excited, so he went ahead and made a loaf.  It was delicious.  He made another loaf last night and now he has the sour dough starter in there.  Oh yes, and as I was leaving Thursday night, he had all the kids sit and watch the 30 minute video about the new bread machine.  I don’t need to wonder from where Daniel gets his enthusiasm.  But I do wonder who this gift was really for…




In the end I will probably use it more than Darryl.  We had one in Seattle that we used to make all our bread.  But it was small and well used and I stopped using it several months before we moved.  But I just hate buying bread.  Good bread is so expensive and inexpensive bread is so lame.

Daddy’s Home

Posted by Amanda on February 24th, 2011



We are currently going through what is known as “busy season”.  I am the first to admit that Darryl hasn’t had super tough busy seasons (excluding Kyiv).  But this year is a doozy.  Darryl is so awesome, though, that he has been coming home for dinner or at least in time to see the kids before bed.  Then he brings a few hours of work to do in the evening.  Everyone is so excited when he gets home.ikoni

Photo-a-Day Blog

Posted by Darryl Melanchuk on November 8th, 2008

Over the years I’ve really become interested in photography and have enjoyed taking and looking at other’s photos.  A good friend of ours started a photo-a-day blog a couple years ago and I always thought this would be fun to do.  So, I’ve made the committment to take at least one photo a day and post it to Darryl’s Photo-a-Day Blog (with Amanda’s permission as some of “her” time will be eaten up with this hobby). 

Feel free to take a look and leave comments, if you’d like.

Where is Darryl?

Posted by Amanda on June 6th, 2008

Its 10pm and Darryl is still at work.  Last night he came home at midnight.  I know he had dinner with us on Friday 2 weeks ago, and also on Amelia’s birthday, 3 weeks ago, and I think one Saturday.  Its been quite a busy season for him, and for the rest of us.  It started out not too bad, a few late nights in January and February.  To be honest, busy seasons have never been quite as bad as I thought (as the wife waiting at home), until this year. 

I do remember when I was first pregnant with Kathryn.  Darryl was working at ICOS until about 9pm every night.  I was so sick, I just laid in the bed.  We had no TV, so I listened to the radio, KOMO news (with traffic on the 4′s).  It repeated everything every 10 minutes, and I listened to it for at least 2 hours every night.  So I do have to admit this is better than that.  At least I am busy with the girls until bedtime, we have TV, I finished reading my Harriet Tubman book, and of course I can read blogs.

Anyway, the point is not to complain, it is to recognize both the hard work Darryl is doing and the alone-ness of wives when their husbands work late.  I remember Elder Nelson at a devotional at BYU praising his wife who never complained when he worked late into the night in medical school, residency, etc.  So I will try to be like her.  I know we always have him on Sunday, which is wonderful.  And every morning before he goes to work the girls go crazy for him.  Its so cute, they both want to sit on his lap for family prayer.