Language Acquisition Part II

Posted by Amanda on March 13th, 2008

Part II of Language Acquisition is about learning Canadian.  Both Darryl and I grew up speaking English, but I love to find out the differences in how we say things that come from American or Canadian cultures.

Touque (or toque) – I think this is the most classic.  I guess I would call this a knit hat, the thing is there is no direct translation.  I’m trying to use the word touque more, because I think its cool.

Holiday – I’m pretty sure it means vacation.  Yes, you are on a “holiday” from your job, but to me holidays and vacations are different.  Its fun to say you’re on holiday, though.

Kraft dinner – It means macaroni and cheese, any brand, even if it is for lunch.  And you put ketchup on it.

Brown bread – Wheat bread.  And brown toast is wheat toast.  It does perfectly describe wheat bread, but it cracks me up.

Night Hawk - This is a night owl for me.  The first time I sayd night owl to Darryl, he thought I was crazy.  I thought night hawk was crazy.  However, I will admit that all owls are night owls, but not all hawks are night hawks.  So the phrase “night owl” is a little redundant.

Running on the spot – We just discovered this one.  A Wiggles song on the internet had “running on the spot” in it.  I laughed and said, “That must mean running in place in Australia.”  Darryl claimed to have never heard the phrase “running in place”, which was hard for me to believe.

Chesterfield – couch/sofa.  I wasn’t going to put this one on, because Darryl doesn’t really use it.  But I just asked him and he said the reason is I would laugh at him.  That’s true.

Skates – It means ice skates.  Darryl says skates (for ice skates) and roller skates (for regular skates).  I say skates (for regular skates) and ice skates.  It makes sense if you live in a place with so much ice.

Homo Milk – This is whole milk. 

Canadian Bacon – This doesn’t seem to exist in Canada!  I think it is hilarious that we call it “Canadian” bacon, but its just ham (I think) in Canada.

I found this website with “Canadianisms”.