Golden Gate and other sites

Posted by Amanda on February 18th, 2008

After our wonderful dinner (see post below), we walked around a little bit.  I wanted to see the Golden Gate, but we saw a few things on our way.  First was a church (I think St. Andrews, because it is at the top of Andrivskiy Sputsk). 

After a few more minutes I realized where we were – very near where we had lived in our temporary apartments, our first three weeks here.  We think this building – the Minstry of Foreign Affairs – is beautiful.  I’m doing the sign for “cold”, because I was so cold.  Next to that building is another church, St. Michael’s.


Then we got to the Golden Gate, near the metro stop zoloti vorota, which apparently means “Golden Gate”.  It used to be the gate to enter the city, hundreds of years ago.  It is always interesting to me to see something that has been around for so long.  It looks just like a gate you would imagine that opens to a city surrounded by a wall.  Or the gate on  “ThePrincessBride” – “Fezzik, the portcullis!”


There happened to be a gelato place right there, so we had some extremely tasty ice cream.  Gelato can definitely fill the Cold Stone Creamery void while we’re here.