The Circus

Posted by Amanda on February 10th, 2008

On Saturday we went to the circus!  We had tickets for Darryl and I to take Kathryn to the circus.  However, Amelia has been sick and was still not well enough to be left with a babysitter.  After much discussion and persuasion, I was off to the circus with Kathryn.  I was able to find it fine, the travel was fine, and I enjoyed the show very much, so thank you Darryl for making me actually leave the house!   Some nice people at various times helped me get the stroller up and down stairs and escalators.  I actually understood them asking me if I needed help.  We changed lines on the metro, and made the 10-15 minute walk to the circus from the metro stop. 

We got to the circus and I immediately saw that we could/should check our coats.  I was hoping we could also leave our stroller there.  The first two places I approached, the lady started talking and pointing and so I kept going until someone took the stroller and our coats.  Then I had no idea how to find our seats, but we walked in and had an usher help us. 

We had been telling Kathryn all week that we would see elephants and lions and bears at the circus.  We got there and it was more like an ice skating show at the beginning.  They did circus-y type of things, but on ice skates!  I thought it was great.  I didn’t get a picture, but they had cats (like house cats) doing tricks.  The best one was doing a cat doing parallel bars like on gymnastics.  Not a gymnastics routine, but using its front two legs to go across.  It was fun to watch, but at intermisison Kathryn asked, “Where are the animals?” 


Finally out came some polar bears!  They were so huge, and looked so cuddly. 


I wondered if Kathryn would be able to sit and watch a two hour show.  She did like to climb on and off her chair, but I was very impressed that she was watching most of the time.  In fact, I liked watching her just as much as I liked watching the performers!  She was so cute, clapping and dancing to the music sometimes.