Amelia Currently

Posted by Amanda on February 8th, 2008

She has never taken to a pacifier, but she loves my silk pajamas.  I might have to get a new pair for myself!  When she’s tired I give her the pajamas and put her in the crib.  They must be magic pajamas because she usually goes to sleep!


 Amelia sticks out her tongue when she is really excited and smiles very widely.  She has a great time playing little games by herself.  I love when she gets so excited and starts rocking and throwing her hands in the air.  She also loves to laugh and laughs often.


She often wants to do whatever Kathryn is doing.  Every once in awhile, this actually works out, like when Kathryn wants Amelia to chase her or to go to her room. 

Amelia has big lips and makes a cute pouty face.  She always sits/knees like in this picture.


Amelia loves standing.  She pulls herself up anywhere.  Favorite places include the stroller, the computer, and the book shelf.  She can stand by herself for a few seconds.

Kathryn Currently

Posted by Amanda on February 6th, 2008

Kathryn has all but mastered using the mouse on the computer!  A few days ago she wanted to try, and I was amazed at how well she did.  She likes to play games at  She spent quite awhile today figuring out how to make the teletubbies dance. 

She loves building, but also loves organizing.  She likes to put the blocks she calls “moons” together, and the blocks she calls “tables” together.  The “moons” fit into the “tables” and she always has like colors together.  Sometimes she puts the triangles on the rectangles, arranged together by color.


She likes to have a pretend picnic with her play food.  She cooks soup or fruit salad and gives everyone a serving, and we eat it on a blanket.  Amelia is usually not invited.

She loves to sing and can remember the words to many songs.  She has told me her favorites are “We could be the heroes” (SUV Song) from Silly Songs with Larry, and “Domn, Domn, s-analtam”, a Romanian Christmas carol! 

She likes to get dressed by herself.  Well, let’s say she likes to put her clothes on by herself.  She doesn’t really like to get dressed.  She also likes to wear dresses.  We’re very lucky to have received some dresses from the 2 other families in our branch that have girls a little older than Kathryn. 


Kathryn loves peanut butter sandwiches.  She has this for a “snack” at lunchtime, while Amelia and I have lunch.  Then right before her nap, she claims that she needs “lunch”.  Kathryn also loves milk!  I am so glad she is a milk drinker.

Kathryn also loves nursery!  Sometimes we go to pick her up and she asks to stay for a few more minutes. 

And just for kicks, here are a couple pictures of me.


My Two Missies

Posted by Amanda on January 26th, 2008

I often call my girls Miss Kathryn and Miss Amelia (or Little Miss for Amelia).  Recently I started calling them missies.  I say, “come on missies” if we are going somewhere, etc.  Kathryn loves to play in her room (she calls it her store) and the other day she went in there and then said, “come on missies” to Amelia and me!

Here are some pictures, because I want to make sure I am following the “family rules” of average one picture per blog.


Kathryn likes to be inside things, as you can see.  The middle picture is under her bed, and the last one is our cupboard for toys.  I don’t know if you can that she is smiling, but looking at her book and not the camera.