The Funicular

Posted by Amanda on February 3rd, 2008

On Saturday we rode on the funicular.  I asked Darryl what to say about it.  He said, “It was fun…icular!”  It is a cable car that goes up a hill – its a very short ride but fun and quite a touristy thing I hear.  Here are Darryl and Kathryn in front of the entrance.  It says “Funicular” in Ukrainian.  You can tell because it has an “i”.  Russian doesn’t have an “i”, it has a backwards “n” instead.



Here we are inside.  When we got to the top we saw a woman that was feeding birds out of her hand, which was really cool.


We weren’t exactly sure where the funicular would end up.  We found ourselves in a large park, very close to the apartment we stayed in for 2 weeks last September when we first arrived.  Kathryn had a great time playing at the park – she kept saying things like, “This is a great park, Dad!”  

Here is a view from the park.  We live to the left, which is north, beyond where you can see in the picture.