Oh, Well

Posted by Amanda on February 22nd, 2008

On Sunday I invited Anny, a Ukrainian member in our branch, to dinner on Monday and to talk about some Relief Society things (she is my counselor).  Darryl was going out of town so I thought it would be nice to have someone over.  Then Darryl ended up staying in town, and Anny never called, so I thought she wasn’t going to come, and figured it was for the best. 

As we were finishing up our dinner (which happened to be the very fancy macaroni and cheese with hotdogs) we got a phone call and it was Anny downstairs asking which apartment was ours!  Oops!  I quickly set a place for her, and was glad we had enough food.  Of course it was pretty embarrassing that we had already eaten!

The house was pretty much a mess, and while she was eating her dinner Kathryn fell out of her chair and landed on her head, and Amelia was crying (she has major separation anxiety right now and probably thought she was getting a babysitter).  Kathryn also spilled her milk, maybe during the fall, I can’t remember.  Part of me was feeling terrible, but part of me was remembering something a wise mother once told me.

I was returning a book to her last summer and decided to stop by on the way home from Safeway.  I knocked on the door and she invited me in for a few minutes.  She has four children, the youngest two are near the ages of Kathryn and Amelia.  There were toys all over the floor, and blankets, diapers, etc.  She said, “I love when people just stop by and they can see that my house isn’t always clean!”  I believe most people clean (or at least tidy) when we know someone is coming over.  But most of us probably have toys, clothes, diapers, books strewn about the rest of the time. 

So Anny saw our “real house” and I don’t think she was fazed one bit.  She is a nanny, after all!  I do like a clean house, and well behaved children, but I love the idea of knowing that I’m not the only one with a messy house sometimes.