Former Red Army Day and Marriage Therapy

Posted by Amanda on February 24th, 2008

February 23rd was Former Red Army Day, also known as Men’s Day in Ukraine.  We didn’t celebrate Men’s Day per se, but we did have a great Friday evening.  We went with the two other couples in our branch, and two senior missionary couples to another senior missionary couple’s apartment for a nice dinner and presentation by Sister Lee (one of the senior sister missionaries) on marriage.  She was a part time marriage therapist for 30 years, so we joked that we were going to marriage therapy.

What a treat!  First, a couple of ILP girls came to babysit Kathryn and Amelia.  This is a treat for Kathryn because she gets lots of attention.  Amelia doesn’t like her mommy to leave, but she went to bed shortly after I left, so hopefully it wasn’t too bad for her or the babysitters.  It is a treat for Darryl and me because we can go somewhere ourselves, and the babysitters even did the dishes!  The delicious meal was a real treat.  A roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, a really yummy salad.   

The presentation was an even better treat.  She said so many wonderful things, and shared some of her experiences.  The most interesting thing to me was this:  She said when we think of our most important relationship, we always say “family”.  But truly the most important relationship is marriage.  You can get to the Celestial Kingdom without your children, but not without your spouse.

The last treat (besides the cookies and candy) was being with the senior missionary couples.  Both Darryl and I experienced this treat on our missions, but we are rediscovering the wisdom and wonderfulness of senior missionaries.  We loved hearing about their families, their experiences, etc.  One of the newer couples lives very near to us – he is the doctor for the Eastern European Area besides Russia.  Two of the senior missionaries had served together in Germany many years ago!  It was great to associate with them.  We rode the metro home with some of them, and Darryl and I both thought how cool and tough they were!